11th International Congress on Aerobiology
3 - 7 September 2018, Parma, Italy

ICA2018 is organizing a photo competition open to all members of the International Congress 2018 who pay the registration fee by the late bird deadline.

The aim is to facilitate the dissemination of Aerobiology.

The pictures, in the different categories of the competition specified below, must be submitted, under penalty of exclusion, following payment of registration fees, within the late bird deadline.  

-  in JPEG format

-  to the following e- mail address ica2018@mvcongressi.it

- with the subject: ICA2018 - Photo contest

- publication permission to sign attached in the e-mail (download it here)

- it is mandatory to include the name and surname, e-mail address, the affiliation. In addition, it is mandatory to specify the microscope (and magnification) / camera used, and a brief description of the pictures.

- please specify in the subject of the email the category in which you would like to compete.


Everyone can submit up to two photos for each topic of competition. By sending pictures authors guarantee the authenticity of the photos, which have not been used or that will not be used elsewhere. The sending of pictures automatically authorizes their use for initiatives ICA2018 deems appropriate, reporting the authors names. The evaluation of the photographic material is entrusted to the unquestionable judgment of a special commission appointed by ICA2018.

All the photos will be published at ICA 2018 web site, after the late bird deadline after having verified the payment of the registration fee.

The winner, in each topic, will receive a commemorative diploma and an award; A special award will be raffled among all no winner participants in the pictures competition.


Topics to the competition

a) Optical microscopy: sources of allergens; phyto/human/animal pathogens, biodeteriogens, etc

b) E / Scanning Microscopy: sources of allergens; phyto/human/animal pathogens, biodeteriogens, etc

c) Outdoor aerobiological sampling: different purposes and locations of aerobiology studies

d) Indoor aerobiological sampling: different purposes and locations of aerobiology studies

e) Pictures in field: allergenic plants, leaves, flowers and fruit;

f) Teaching and spreading aerobiological culture


IRS is pleased to offer 3 prizes for the best photos related to ragweed, ragweed and Ophraella and other related subjects (i.e. teaching, awarness, meeting, field research, field activity, etc).

To submit photos, select PROGRAM on ICA2018.eu and  PHOTO CONTEST, follow the regulations and specify RAGWEED in the subject of the email. Deadline: June 15th.

The winners will receive reimbursement for the participation at the "2-day ragweed package" (equivalent to €220,00 plus VAT) after their participation at the scietific event, please refer directly to IRS to agree the reimbursement valid for the "2-day ragweed package".

Hope to receive numerous photos!